Speaker Profiles

Amber Madarash and Laura Beattie
Decoding The Many Sides of Marketing

Social Media? Print? Video? Email? Website? Direct Mail?

With all of the tools out there today, planning your marketing might seem overwhelming.

Join us as we walk you through the benefits of various marketing strategies and how you can put a plan into action for 2018.

Andrew Fogliato
Growing Your Business Online

Andrew Fogliato, a former REALTOR®, who now runs a digital marketing agency specializing in real estate agents will provide actionable insights and strategies that are effective in growing your business online. From leveraging tools like Facebook ads, Live Video, Blogging and more, to effectively using blogging and other forms of content marketing. Andrew will share actual campaigns and strategies that have worked for agents across North America that you can start implementing right away.

Blair Sonnichsen
What Are You Worth - The Value of Buyer Agency and Vendor Agency Services

Ours is a competitive business.  Today’s buyers and sellers have high expectations in terms of service.  What makes you different?  Do you have a process you follow?  Should you have a process?   Join Blair Sonnichsen as he helps you understand the value of agency services.   

Cate Friesen
Communicating Your Value and Building Your Sales and Brand

Cate Friesen is the driving force of The Story Source. She's a story practitioner, facilitator, and trainer who brings together 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, award-winning CBC producer, documentary maker and performer.

Dan Brooks and Marina James
Lessons Learned from Inman Connect
Learn tips and trends from WinnipegREALTORS® CEO, Marina R. James and Chief Technology Officer, Dan Brooks garnered from the lessons learned at Inman Connect, a week-long event bringing together more than 4,000 top-producing agents and brokers, CEO's of leading real estate franchises, MLS® and association leaders, tech entrepreneurs and marketing executives, to network, make deals and explore the newest technology. Inman Connect is where the industry comes to learn about, embrace and leverage the change that surrounds real estate.
Greg Shore
Showcasing WEBForms®
CREA WEBForms® is consistently ranked by REALTORS® as the most valuable CREA product. The software has recently undergone some changes, and this presentation will focus on the new layout, features and advancements that have been worked into CREA WEBForms®, and speak to how you as a REALTOR® can derive more value for your business than ever before from the software.
Jaimie Peters
Music from the Heart

He does not read notes but rather plays by ear.  He’s been diagnosed with several dis-abilities, which have often made life difficult for him.  He recognizes that he has been gifted with musical ability and has chosen to allow his strength in this area and challenges in others to make him who he is today.  He’s tenacious and determined because of what life has dealt him and refuses to let his challenges define him.   

Jaimie will play his violin for us at our reception.  He’s a young man who, even through arduous circumstances, battles through. 

Jeannine Carman
Laughter Yoga

Learn how you can have the physical and psychological benefits of laughter quickly and effectively using simple techniques that apply in any situation.  To do this you do not need jokes or anything to “laugh at.”  You do not even need a great sense of humour.  Genuine, heartfelt laughter can be stimulated without jokes, but by using a series of fun laughter exercises and simple breathing techniques.  A good laugh leaves you refreshed and invigorated for work, play and everyday life.  Plus, it is genuinely fun

Jeff Shypit
How to Get Funds for Vendors Faster and E-registration at Landtitles
Jeff will talk about a new closing system designed to make money flow on possession, similar to Western Protocol but with Title Insurance. Money gets paid faster and is more secure for sellers. Jeff will also address the change to eRegistration at Land Titles as it becomes available in late 2017 and becomes mandatory Spring of 2018.
Kerri Twigg
Communicating Your Value and Building Your Sales and Brand
Kerri Twigg has been teaching people how to share their stories with confidence for 20 years - first in the drama classroom, then corporate boardrooms and now was a career coach. She has helped hundreds of people discover what they are great at and how to sell their experience to clients and hiring managers.
Krystyn Larry
Tips To Help REALTORS® Grow Their Business

Looking to close more sales? Krystyn from CIBC will review tips and mortgage solutions that can help meet the diverse borrowing needs of your clients. Do you have clients that need funds for renovations, have a strong credit history but are challenged to come up with the required down payment to purchase their home or perhaps clients that are looking for assistance to offset closing costs? Krystyn will review a variety of programs to help your clients meet their borrowing needs and also help you close more deals! As well she will  provide some tips to save you time and make life a bit easier for you.

Marnie Courage
Accessible Real Estate - New Laws - New Opportunities

The Accessibility for Manitoban's Act is now law and the Customer Service Standard will impact how you do business. This landmark legislation requires all companies (including Brokerages and Real Estate Agents) identify and remove barriers in their customer service. Participants will learn how they can increase their market reach to the aging population and the 17% of Manitobans who have disabilities. 

Michelle Sawatzsky
Overcoming Obstacles and Perservering

Michelle Sawatzky is short and grew up in a small town in southern Manitoba -- both not the qualities that make playing volleyball at the Olympic Games even seem like a possibility -- but that was her dream. So many obstacles and so many nay-sayers and she never gave up and never stopped pursuing her goals. How did she do it? Find out as she shares her story and learn how we can all experience success if we're willing to try harder and work harder than we ever thought possible.




Stan Dueck
City Permits
Stan Dueck, BA, MBA - is the Manager of the City of Winnipeg's Development and Inspections Division of the Department of Planning, Property and Development.  In 2012, Stan led the City's permits and inspections team through the development of a comprehensive Building Permits Strategy and Action Plan. Stan brings to this role extensive experience with system improvement in both the private and public sectors. He believes that value-added and sustainable system improvement is based on collaboration, as well as ongoing measurement and accountability.